About standouthost.com

Standouthost was a game hosting business I ran to pay for the physical server my minecraft community had grown into. I started the community in my Silver Spring apartment on a laptop, eventually moved it to a few virtual servers, before the need to go big and get a physical server with Hetzner in germany. We didnt need the entire server so it made sense to spin up a company and rent the rest of the server to pay for what we needed.

The business took off and I ended up running it for 5 or so years based on word of mouth only, I used the multicraft panel, and coded quite a few mods for it to support any game server that would run on Linux. See the github page for it here

Though I let the business wither out and no longer host for anyone other myself, I still have the servers with hetzner and standouthost has now become my infrastructure domain.

I have two physical servers which run the majority of my online presence, a bunch of vm’s, a bunch of docker, this website and others. I keep the domain name because its cheap and why not.

Its also why my twitter handle is standouthost, as I was only intending to use twitter to promote the business, and then at Red Hat all the cool kids wanted me to be on twitter so I kept using it.

I purchased the sister domain soh.re for a shortname to give each of the customer minecraft servers a custom domain, soh.re is now my favorite domain name I own and I use it for my mail server, and a really cool terminal based website I use for promoting myself. Check it out https://soh.re

Thanks for reading!